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THIRD letter from this happy customer!
From: “Lawrence” <>

Hello Geoff,

Thank’s again for another Friendly, Professional and Extremely
Efficient sale. I can always count on you’re company for great communication,
friendly advice and most importantly Grade ” A” stock for my serpents.
Some people just don’t know what they’re missing.

Chicago, ILL.


From: “Brent L.” <>






From: “Stacey Z.” <>

I received the mice…and they look great! Thanks So Much! :)

As long as you are around, I’ll always order from you.
You have great products for herps!

Take Care.
Stacey Z.



Second letter from this happy customer!

From: (Lawrence S.)

To any of you who may be contemplating an order from “Perfect Pets”, Don’t wait any longer !!! This is my second order from these fine folks and as long as I need feeders,it won’t be my last ! The service,shipping and product are all ” First Rate”.Product arrives on time, frozen solid as a rock and the owners are very friendly and helpful.They say “you get what you pay for “. In this case,they strive to give you just that little “extra”.

Thanks Geoff,
Lawrence S. Chicago, ILL.


We got this next letter from Lawrence after his first order.

Subj: Thanks for the great service.
From: (Lawrence S.)
HI Geoff,

Being a first time customer, I just wanted to thank you for a great experience.
My order was taken and delivered in a prompt, courteous and professional manner.
I appreciated your helpful input regarding rodent size and storage.
Your packaging is first rate ,and sure beats the piece of fiberglass wrap
that I have recieved from other vendors.( who shall remain nameless )
And, without any further purchases from me !!!

Thanks Again,

Lawrence S.
Chicago, ILL.


From: (mc@…com) From San Fransisco CA

And I want to thank you especially for all the great service and extra care that you have provided.
I really do believe that the rat pinks have saved Selene’s life – and she’d almost used up her 9!

best regards,


From: (Ted@…com)

Just want to say your rats are the best.
My grammer is not the best right know, cause I have my boa in my arms.
But just want to let you know my snake jade just loves these rats.
She has had one every week .

Ted – IL


From: (J…

Hey I got the rats today and I couldnt be more happy!
They are bigger then the ones I was buying in Rochester.
I really look forward to dealing with you from now on with my frozen needs.

They were all frozen perfect.

Thanks alot!

take care,


From: (Cynthia W.)

I’m a first time customer and have just received my order for 20 medium and 16 jumbo rats.
Everything came if perfect condition and nicely packaged.
All the rats look clean and healthy and I’m thankful for the humane euthanasia.

I had been concerned that everything would fit into my freezer but
the bags were so neatly filled that I’ve got room to spare!
I also love the convenience of the zip locks.

Wish I had known about you guys years ago.

I look forward to a long business relationship with your company.

Kind Regards,
Cynthia W.

Louisville, KY


From: —– (Frank)


Thank you they have arrived.
Those are some very nice rats and are really JUMBO.



Dear Mr. Schrock and Perfect Pets, Inc.,

I’ve been in the reptile business for years and have dealt with my share of rodent dealers.
After finding your company on-line and then seeing your prices and then the quality I couldn’t believe my eyes.
It’s nice to have a good guy on our side selling rats at a great price.

Thanks again!!!

Michael F.
Scottsdale, AZ


From: K…


I just wanted to let you know that we received the pinkies last Wednesday.
They were in perfect condition and we will be contacting you again
whenever we need more food for our snakes.
It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Thank you once again,

Kristine R.



Thanks for the excellent service!

Leon M.
Mendon, MO.



Just wanted you to know the mice arrived.
Fully frozen with dry ice to spare.
Sent 8/22/2000 1:00pm
Arrived 8/24/2000 5:30pm
My daugther was very pleased with your service
Thanks for the great service.

Diane N.
Chicago, ILL


Dear Perfect Pets,

Thank you for your shipment. I can’t begin to tell you how happy we are with your company and product. It’s been a nightmare trying to find a professional company that could process the large orders we need on a weekly basis. Since we found you all our problems have been solved. I’ll be calling you again on Monday!!!

Be sure to pass this letter on to Geoff and your staff,

Best Regards,

John R.
Springfield, ILL


From: (Charlotte S.)

I’ve been meaning to send you a message for a couple days now….
We got the rat shipment here in Sacramento on schedule and everything looks great.
I’ll admit we were a little bit nervous because of how much lower your prices are than everybody elses,
and how much bigger you said your rats were…but in the end, we were not disappointed.
We saved a lot of money going with you, and certainly didn’t give anything up in quality.

Not to mention the money we saved with shipping by sending it via air freight and picking it up at Sac Metro ourselves.

Looks like we’ve found ourselves a new rodent supplier.
Thanks a bunch.

Charlotte S.
Sacramento CA

Perfect Pets, Inc
23180 Sherwood
Belleville, Michigan 48111

Phone (734) 461-1362 | Fax (734) 461-2858

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    i would like to order wombaroo HIGH PROTEIN SUPPLEMENT 1kg but i live in Thailand can you send it to me if i have order.and How much?

    • frozenrodents says:

      Your comment has been forwarded to the person in charge of that department. They should be emailing you within the next day or so.

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